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"David is an extraordinary musician and sure to take you on a beautiful musical ride"

- Larissa Gosla

"A unique and intimate glimpse into the eternal love affair between a musician and his muse"

- Kim Riccellli

Dear friends and music lovers. 


My name is David.  I was born in France and spent my childhood traveling through many countries.  I consider myself a citizen of the world. 


The music that I compose and record has been inspired by these travels and by my love of all cultures and eras. 


I studied classical music and trained as an orchestral composer.  Originally a pianist, I have collected many beautiful exotic instruments which I play and perform on. 


I have composed music for movies, television shows, video games, and stage productions. 


As a producer I've had the pleasure of assisting artist in developing and capturing their unique musical visions. 


As an artist I record and perform music inspired by the places I visit and by my love of nature. 


Over the years I've had the distinct pleasure of working with some of the most respected names in the industry, yet some of my favorite musical moments have been with musicians I met in remote villages or trekking through Africa, musicians who have never seen a recording studio nor a stage, and who can make an entire village dance with a one string instrument.  

Thank you for visiting this corner of the digital world, for supporting and for appreciating music creation. 



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